The fate of two species rests on the tip of a dagger.

When the prince Adelaide seeks to overthrow tries convincing her that the legendary dragons exist and need help, Adelaide must decide where her true allegiance lies before the kingdom shatters.

Ever since the Gyndilians murdered her sister, Adelaide has plotted a rebellion to overthrow the king and prince who failed to protect them during the attack.

Following her across the country is a stranger–not just any stranger, but the prince she’s hoping to overthrow–and Adelaide’s plans begin to collapse. But Prince Elias has his own dangerous secrets–secrets connected to the dragons that once lived in the land. If he can’t earn Adelaide’s trust, there may never be any peace for Adelaide, her people, or the dragons.

Can Adelaide overcome her prejudices and thirst for revenge to do what’s best for her people before rage and sorrow consume her?

Praise from Readers:

“A well-crafted, entertaining plot.” –Kirkus Reviews

“This was a wonderfully written and fast paced fantasy for any YA fiction reader. If you love dragons and rebellious battles, this book is definitely for you!”

The Gift of Dragons delighted me with vivid descriptions and unexpected plot twists…The surprise ending left me on the edge of my seat, eagerly awaiting a sequel!”

“Solid characters, a world full of real dangers, fascinating dragon lore, and a sudden yet profound ending that has stuck with me for days after reading!”

“I can’t recommend this enough for dragon and fantasy lovers!”