Genre: YA Heroic/Medieval Fantasy

Status: Under Contract with Atmosphere Press! 🙂

Word Count: 87,000

Synopsis: When the prince Adelaide seeks to overthrow tries convincing her that the legendary dragons exist and need help, Adelaide must decide where her true allegiance lies before the kingdom shatters.

Ever since the Gyndilians murdered her sister, Adelaide has plotted a rebellion to overthrow the king and prince who failed to protect them during the attack. Following her across the country is a stranger–not just any stranger, but the prince she’s hoping to overthrow–and Adelaide’s plans begin to collapse. But Prince Elias has his own dangerous secrets–secrets connected to the dragons that once lived in the land. If he can’t earn Adelaide’s trust, there may never be any peace for Adelaide, her people, or the dragons.

As war with Gyndilad looms on the horizon, the fate of two species rests on the tip of a dagger. Can Adelaide overcome her prejudices and thirst for revenge to do what’s best for her people before rage and sorrow consume her?

Genre: YA Science Fiction/Fantasy

Status: Third Draft

Word Count: 75,000

Synopsis: Cariza and Mezni were fierce star-warriors until Mezni disappeared.

Birthed in a star with her fellow dragon-like warrior, Mezni, Cariza yearns to fulfill her purpose of fighting evil. But when Mezni disappears, Cariza must team up with unlikely creatures, including an awkward talkative human boy, to find Mezni before she loses her forever. In their search, they stumble into mysteries that could shatter Cariza’s galaxy and Tom’s world in irrevocable ways.

Genre: YA Fantasy

Status: Outlining

Word Count: Est. 80,000

Synopsis: Catalina is a killer. There’s no hope of a future for her. Or is there?

Catalina is an expert at lying. Lying to the boys she takes hearts from, lying to her best friend. The only one she doesn’t lie to is her father, who has forced her into this illegal work so he can hire someone with the money to find Catalina’s missing mother.

When Catalina and her father return to her childhood home on the sea, she also returns to the land of the young man, Esteban, whom she once loved. But Catalina is no longer that innocent young woman. When her father asks her to do the impossible, Catalina must choose where her love and loyalties lay before her lies entangle her.

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Status: Third Draft

Word Count: 100,000

Synopsis: In the not-too distant future, Loni is a vampire. But she drinks thoughts, not blood.

Loni is brave and perhaps a little reckless. When she rides her hoverdisc in an off-limits area, it’s one infraction too many. Her choices are: live for a year in a correctional facility for troubled youth or be a lab rat. Not the best choices, but she decides to be a lab rat rather than be stuck in a low-income prison. Her faithful friend, Janica, signs up to have the scientific procedure done with her at the Texas Institute of Progressive Science.

Loni, Janica, and several others become a group of mind-readers, drinking people’s thoughts in order to keep their government safe. But the procedure wasn’t as safe as everyone expected and changed them in inexplicable, dangerous ways. And the government will protect their valuable experiments at any cost.

Listening in the Shadows: Tanei will give anything to regain her honor when she’s thrown out of the group of hunters known as the Lionesses.

Status: Complete

Rustle: Nelly finds a baby dragon entangled in the woods outside the window at work and wonders what to do with the creature.

Status: Published!

The Hall of Marbles: Naomi lands in a place full of marbles. They are more than just marbles, though, and they may hold the answer of getting her Aunt Mag back.

Status: Complete