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Rustle: Dragon Short Story

I have some exciting news! After many years of writing, sending out stories to contests and publications and being rejected, one of my short stories, Rustle, about a girl meeting a baby dragon, has been published here. The artwork, which I didn’t do, is pretty cute!

I’m thankful for this opportunity, because it doesn’t feel like you’re a ‘real’ author until you’re actually published and other people besides your family and closest friends read your work ;).

Rustle began as a prompt from a writing book I read a few years ago. I believe the prompt was something about beginning a story with the ending line in mind, and it gave a few examples. The last line of Rustle (don’t worry; I won’t spoil it!) is almost exactly the same line from the prompt. The story idea just blossomed into being from those few words. I hope you enjoy it!

Do you read short stories? What are some of your favorites?

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