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10 Books to Take on a Road Trip

I’m so excited that places are beginning to open and loosen their travel restrictions–and right in time for summer too! I love a good book when I travel, especially to help eat up those weary miles on the road. Some of these novels are great in audio form, but they’ll all help keep you awake, and can even help pass those dull hours in an airport!

  1. The Lord of the Rings: I remember reading this series for the first time in high school on a trip to the mountains with my family. My parents had to continuously tell me to stop reading and look out the window. Journeying with Frodo and Gandalf through Middle Earth is a great way to make your own journey soar by! And if you’re traveling to the woods, you might even spot one of the elves.
  1. The Eye of the World: My husband and I are still listening to this epic adult fantasy series comprising 14 books two years after we began. So you might want to bring the first few hard copy books along on your trip or switch over to reading them if you know you won’t be listening to them much. But there’s plenty of monsters, magic, and mystery to capture your attention, either in audio or visual form!
  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: My family and I loved listening to these books on long road trips! J.K. Rowling sprinkles so much humor and magic into them that they’re sure to entertain any age!
  1. Artemis Fowl: I just listened to this YA fantasy book for the first time last year and loved it! I highly recommend the audio version; the narrator’s Irish accent is a blast to listen to.
  1. Dangerous: If you get the road-dreary doldrums, travel with Maisie Danger Brown to NASA and then space as she attempts to unravel a conspiracy to annihilate earth. Part superhero, action-adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and romance, how can you even think of nodding off?
  1. The Lightning Thief: This is a delightful middle-grade fantasy where Percy Jackson, who’s more than who he thought, must battle monsters right out of Greek mythology. His quest is rife with danger and silliness.
  1. Elantris is the first and only stand-alone book by Sanderson that I’ve read. And I loved it! A man is forced to live in a cursed part of his city while events in the wider part of the city spin out of control. The suspense and mystery in this book had me flipping the pages as fast as I could!
  1. Showdown: Speaking of suspense–that’s one of the best ways to keep you reading and those eyes and brain alert while you drive! Ted Dekker is the master of suspense, though Showdown has less than his horror books. In this book, a battle of good and evil is about to take place in the little town of Paradise when a black-cloaked man arrives, promising to make people’s dreams come true.
  1. The Scarlet Pimpernel: A delightful tale of intrigue and action during the French Revolution that won’t let you put the book down or turn the power button off until you’ve solved the mystery!
  1. Cold Sassy Tree: My husband I both loved listening to this historical fiction novel. The narrator’s southern accent and the viewpoint of the boy who’s the main character are riveting. I remember laughing out loud to some of the anecdotes and phrases the main character uses. Such a surprisingly fun experience!

What books do you enjoy reading on long road trips?

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