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YA Fantasy Book Review: Wishtress


4 stars


Type of Fantasy: Folklore/Legend 


She didn’t ask to be the Wishtress.

Myrthe was born with the ability to turn her tears into wishes. But when a granted wish goes wrong, she is cursed: the next tear she sheds will kill her. She must travel to the Well to break the curse before it claims her life—and before the king’s militairen find her. To survive the journey, Myrthe must harden her heart to keep herself from crying even a single tear.

He can stop time with a snap of his fingers.

Bastiaan’s powerful—and rare—Talent came in handy when he kidnapped the old king. Now the new king has a job for him: find the Wishtress and deliver her to the schloss. But Bastiaan needs a wish of his own. He gains Myrthe’s trust by promising to take her to the Well, but once he gets what he needs, he’ll turn her in. As long as his growing feelings for the girl with a stone heart don’t compromise him.

Their quest can end only one way: with her death.

Everyone seems to need a wish—the king, Myrthe’s cousin, the boy she thinks she loves. And they’re ready to bully, beg, and betray her for it. No one knows that to grant even one wish, Myrthe would pay with her life. And if she tells them about the curse . . . they’ll just kill her anyway.

My Thoughts

What I Liked: 

  • The Wishtress. A girl who can give wishes with her tears? There’s all kinds of possibilities for mischief and conflict in that.
  • The world took place in a country based off Holland, and I loved the canals and windmill vibes.
  • The unique magic and the difference between Banes vs. Talents. It was interesting to see that there were ‘bad’ magical abilities, since most books just have generic magical abilities that can be used for bad. It was a bit simplistic, perhaps, but also a unique take that made me think about magical abilities differently.
  • Myrthe. I loved her determination, love of ice skating, and desire to use her Talent for good.
  • The conflict between Myrthe and her grandmother was real and made my heart bleed for Myrthe.
  • Bastiaan. Besides having a super cool Talent, he is just so caring and fixated on the truth and what’s right.
  • But my favorite character was Bastiaan’s friend, Runt. He is the comic relief, feisty, and just fun.
  • The friendship between Myrthe and her cousin was special and as real as laughter.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It was a little weird that Bastiaan and Myrthe fell for each other because of Bastiaan’s old soul. Their relationship felt a little forced or too hurried, not as natural as it could have.
  • The allegory about the well seemed a bit off to me, maybe slightly too hokey.

If you want a sweet story brimming with magical abilities and an epic conclusion, this story may be for you!

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