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2024 Fantasy Reading Challenge

Explore more fantasy and sci-fi books with the 2024 fantasy and sci-fi fanatics reading challenge! There are a plethora of different reading challenges in the bookish world, but not many for fantasy and sci-fi lovers.

I hope this challenge will push you to read books and authors you wouldn’t ordinarily pick up and help you discover some new treasures and maybe rediscover old favorites!

Some Guidelines: 

  • Each book needs to be either a fantasy or sci-fi book. If you’re not sure whether a book fits or not, check out these fantasy genres or look at these sci-fi categories. Usually if the book takes place in another world or has elements not found in ours, it will fall into one of these two categories.
  • You may pick either a fantasy or sci-fi book unless the challenge specifically states one or the other.
  • You may reread a book for the category.
  • Books may count for only one category.
  • You may join the reading challenge at any time.

And now for the fun part–the actual fantasy reading challenge!

2024 Fantasy Reading Challenge Schedule

Reading Challenge Checklist

If you’d like to get a printable checklist of each challenge, you should sign up for my author newsletter. Not only will you receive a printable checklist to help you keep track of what you read, but you’ll receive reminders and ideas for the challenges each month as well as book recommendations and sneak peeks of my upcoming fantasy and sci-fi books.

January: A Wintery Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book

Read something that will make you tug the blanket tighter over you, pour another cup of your favorite hot beverage, and snuggle close to a fire! The book needs to take place in or include ice, snow, or other wintery elements. They need to be more than just a few pages. I’ll have a blog post with ideas!

February: Fantasy or Sci-Fi Romance

It’s the month of love! Celebrate by choosing a fantasy or sci-fi romance book from one of your favorite authors or pick up a new one. And it has to be romance for this challenge, not any kind of love (sorry those of you who don’t love reading romance!). But there are levels of romance, so feel free to pick one up that doesn’t have it shouting from each page. I’ll have plenty of suggestions for you in an email.

March: A Historical Fantasy

I’m excited about this one! The novel could follow a real historical figure like Anastasia in Romanov or follow made-up characters like in Lovely War; the story just needs to take place in an actual place in our world’s history and have elements of fantasy, whether that’s monsters, gods/goddesses, magic, etc. Read the post for ideas.

April: A Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book That’s Been On Your TBR a Long Time

This is your chance to finally read that book that’s been on your list for ages!

May: A Cottage-Core Book

Cottage-core is a newer trend/aesthetic that revolves around a cottage or some other setting out in the woods or other natural location. The characters often have to live off the land and lead simple lives. That is, until the author changes their lives. Read the post.

June: A Sci-Fi Book

This category is pretty wide open. The book can fall into any sci-fi category, such as dystopian like Scythe, an alien invasion like Skyward, or have hints of Cyberpunk. Be sure to check out these 30 types of science-fiction for ideas.

July: A Short-Story Collection

Short stories are often a great way to get to know new authors. The collection can be full of steampunk, aliens, fantasy romance, or any other kind of subgenre of fantasy and sci-fi you’d like. I’ll have some suggestions for you.

August: An East Asian-Inspired Fantasy Book

This can be written by an Asian author, but doesn’t have to be as long as there are elements of Asian folklore or settings within the book. And when I say Asia, I’m thinking of China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma. I’m not including Russia, India, Nepal, or the Middle East. To me, those have their own very unique and distinct cultures and so would have their own reading challenge. Please focus on the more eastern Asian countries for this challenge. I’ll email out ideas and will possibly have a blog post for this challenge.

September: A Book by Brandon Sanderson

Celebrate my birthday month by reading one of my favorite authors–Brandon Sanderson! He’s written a wide variety of stories–graphic novels, epic series, alien battles, superheroes, adult, middle grade, and YA–so you should be able to find something you like. I hope to write a blog post to help you decide what of his to read, because it can be daunting just deciding where to begin!

October: A Book With Monsters

Welcome the spooky season with trolls, shape shifters, werewolves, or any other kind of magical monster. I’ll have a blog post for this one!

November: A Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book That’s Been Adapted to Film or Television

There are loads of options for this one: Harry Potter, The Giver, the Six of Crows series, The Martian, etc. I’d like to post an article with ideas for you.

December: A Book Published by an Indie Author

End the year by supporting an independently-published author. They are becoming more and more popular and can be just as talented as well-known authors. I’ll email you a list or write a post of my favorites–many of whom are friends!

I’m looking forward to this challenge and hope you are too! I’d love to see what you pick and will create a group in a private Discord channel for everyone to discuss what books they’re reading, which you can get access to as an email subscriber.

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    1. Rachel Greco

      You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy the challenge, and thanks for signing up! 🙂

    1. Rachel Greco

      You’re welcome! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

    1. Rachel Greco

      Your review of the book you read? Discord is the best place, but you can also reply to the monthly email newsletter that I send out. What did you read?

      1. Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

        I’m not really a discord person to be honest, so far I’ve read

        For January The Bear & the Nightingale
        For February Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros

        1. Rachel Greco

          Great choices! How was Iron Flame? I read Fourth Wing and thought it was so-so.

  1. Pia

    Do we have to read the books in the right month?

    1. Rachel Greco

      Preferably, yes! 🙂

  2. JimmyMycle

    Good luck 🙂

    1. Rachel Greco

      Thanks, you too if you choose to participate!

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